Thursday, March 14, 2013

Object of geek desire: crocheted Bane mask

One of the most controversial and memorable things to come from last year's Batman epic The Dark Knight Rises was Tom Hardy's performance as Bane.

Although Hardy acted the part quite well, the post-production decision to alter Bane's voice so it sounded like he was a children's stage magician speaking into a coffee can ruined one of the most gritty and nihilistic movie villains in recent history.

Still, Bane endured as a symbol of badassdom and now fans with $100 to spare can get in on the Bane craze with the adorably intimidating crocheted Bane mask from Etsy seller StitchFinderGeneral.

For those who live in cold-weather climates, this crocheted piece of headgear will quickly replace "the unemployment beard" for the most badass facewarmer available to red-blooded males and overly hirsute females.

Unfortunately, because of its general badassery, the crocheted Bane mask is currently on a four-month backorder which isn't so terrible considering that each one is made by hand to order.  Still, you might want to plan well ahead if you're thinking of picking one up as a birthday gift for the special geek in your life.

If you're eager to get your hands on some of StitchFinderGeneral's other geeky wares, she offers a crocheted Lothl√≥rien leaf brooch from Lord of the Rings for the much more economical price of $7.00.