Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Object of geek desire: handmade Pokemon Pipes

Video games and recreational smoking have admittedly few overlaps, but when they happen they're generally quite awesome.

Setting aside any judgments you might have toward the smoking of anything other than tobacco, you can - hopefully - agree that video game characters are woefully underrepresented in the pipe/bowl/bong marketplace.

Etsy seller and sculptor extraordinaire Fuckinintents looks to change all of this with their hand-sculpted line of Pokemon Pipes.

Using the Bulbapedia for reference, this intrepid Etsy seller has created an impressive line of pipes in his shop featuring some of the most popular Pokemon characters. 

As an added bonus, they'll all arrive smelling like cake.

Joining the awe-inspiring Bulbasaur Pipe above are a slightly gangsta-looking Pikachu, an impressive (and aptly named) Weezing, Squirtle, ExeggutorCharmander, and Mudkip (among many others).  Happily, Fuckinintents also offers a few evolved Pokemon in pipe-form like the two-pipe totting Blastoise.

While these pipes could theoretically be used to smoke tobacco, the presence of a matching Exeggutor stash jar (to hold your rare candy, naturally) should remove any doubt to their intended purpose.

Unfortunately, the impressive artistry of the Pokemon Pipes comes at a rather steep price - $1,000 - which is, I suppose, a relatively small amount to pay for a unique (and potentially illegal) piece of Pokemon paraphernalia memorabilia.

If Fuckinintents asking price is a bit too high, you can always purchase a digital guide for how to sculpt your own for the more reasonably price of $20.00.  Chances are you won't match his level of talent, but - hey - every trainer has to start in Pallet Town before they can get to Cinnabar.