Friday, March 8, 2013

Rock out to a chiptune cover of Hotel California with Chipocrite's 8-bit Lebowski

Those who know their way around the chiptune music scene likely know who Chipocrite is.  The 8-bit musical impressario cut his teeth in the Philadelphia chiptune scene and released Hit & Run a few years back which went on to win the 2011 Best Album - Chiptune award over at Square Enix Music Online.

Now, Chipocrite and his trusty Gameboy are back with a 6-track EP 8-Bit Lebowski, a chiptune album that covers a few songs from The Big Lebowski's soundtrack.

Until I came across  8-Bit Lebowski, I don't think I could name a single song from the Coen brothers classic, but after seeing Chipocrite's track list it's noew easy to see why people dug the music from the film. Chipocrite's album features covers of Bob Dylan's The Man in Me, CCR's Lookin' Out My Back Door (which was omitted from the original soundtrack), and Kenny Rogers' Just Dropped In along with a few extra goodies tossed in.

The highlight of the album is, easily, Hotel California (done in the style of the Gipsy Kings) which is 5 minutes and 14 seconds of pure, unadulterated chiptune bliss.  If you hate The Eagles, you'll love the depth and complexity that Chipocrite pours into this 8-bit anthem.

A rougher live cut of Hotel California as it appears on 8-Bit Lebowski

The only real criticism against 8-Bit Lebowski is its length.  The six excellent tracks limbo in at a total run time of 18:45. Still, this is easily forgiven when you hear the variation in tempo and style that Chipocrite drops into the tracks (especially his cover of CCR's Lookin' Out My Back Door).

8-Bit Lebowski proves, without a shadow of a doubt, that Chipocrite isn't someone who turned to chiptune to become a musician - but that he was a musician who turned to chiptune to become a better musician.

If you're looking for some new chiptune music to rock out to this weekend (and let's face it, who here isn't?) 8-Bit Lebowski can be downloaded for the "you-can't-buy-a-beer-for-that-anymore" price of $5.00 on Bandcamp.