Tuesday, March 26, 2013

These Super Mario Brothers Easter Eggs probably aren't the Easter Eggs you're picturing

Who doesn't love Easter Eggs?  The hidden in-jokes from video game developers have spawned a culture all their own as obsessive gamers spend hours - if not years - tracking them down.

There was a time, however, back in the days when Paas ruled the earth, when "Easter Eggs" only referred to actual Easter Eggs: hardboiled chicken ova that were dyed with a bizarre, vinger-scented tincture for some unknowable reason.

Instructables member Imnopeas decided to give the Paas dyeing kit a break this year as she took out her acrylic paints and sought to claim the title Mother of the Year by painting an entire set of Super Mario Brothers Easter Eggs for her son.

Her son was going through something of a "Super Mario Brothers phase" you see, something that - if the universe is kind - he'll never grow out of, and while she didn't help explain why we dye Easter Eggs in the first place, Inmopeas decided to foster her son's interest in Super Mario Brothers with these adorable eggs.

Using source pictures on her iPhone for inspiration, she traced out the designs with pencil and used common acrylic paints and Sharpie poster paint markers to bring the designs to life.  Being the kind soul that she is, she also documented the process on her own Instructable so other parents, spouses, and friends can follow her lead.

Due to the presence of acrylic paint and Sharpie ink on the shell of the egg, I can't imagine that these would actually be safe to eat but that's something of a small loss.  Who the hell eats hardboiled eggs anyway?