Friday, April 19, 2013

Girl Scouts of America introduce Game Design Patch with software proficiency requirement

Most geeks have a pretty solid relationship with the Girl Scouts.  More than just harbingers of cookies both delicious and rare, the Girl Scouts have carried on a tireless campaign of advancing the place of women in the modern world.

Nowhere is this more evident than in their recently unveiled Game Design Patch, which Girl Gamer reports is a joint collaboration of The Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles and Women in Games International.  

The ultimate goal of the Game Design Patch is to create a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)-aligned video game badge for the Girl Scouts to prepare interested girls with the tools and understanding necessary to begin a career in the games industry.

As such, the patch will require the use of Gamestar Mechanic, a development tool used for the National STEM Video Game Challenge, which is all kinds of nifty.

This requirement is a step up from the Boy Scouts of America's Game Design badge, which was introduced earlier this year and has no specific software requirement. 

Confused readers might well wonder what the hell a Game Design badge has to do with the historically outdoorsy, championed by Theodore "Fuck you" Roosevelt, Boy Scouts of America.  To these readers, I'll point out that - while odd -  it's no less anomalous than the existing merit badges in American Business, Chess, Coin Collecting (really?), Law, Nuclear Science (wait, what?), and Theater.

N.B. The title image is a picture of the Boy Scout's Game Design Badge