Monday, April 29, 2013

Hatsune Miku joins Chagall, Rodin, and Yoko Ono in the Mori Art Museum's celebration of love

You can ask 10,000 people to define love, and chances are good that you'll receive 10,000 different answers.  Love is awesome, love is terrible, and I'm pretty sure that love is the very reason why we're put on this dustball of a planet.

On top of all of this, love will also the theme for the Mori Art Museum's 10th anniversary celebration, which is set to feature a broad range of artists from Frida Kahlo and René Magritte to the Tokyo-based artist collective Chim↑Pom and Hatsune Miku. reports that the All you need is Love: From Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku exhibit will run at the Mori this summer (until September 1) and will feature works from over 60 artists (full list here) including Yoko Ono... which appears to be the only real Beatles tie to "All you need is love".

It's not known at this time whether Hatsune Miku music and posters will be included in the exhibit proper, but there is a rather interesting Symposium Talk on June 30 that features the digital diva prominently.

"The Hatsune Miku Phenomenon - A New Way to Connect" is a panel talk featuring Miku's creator  Sasaki Wataru, sociologist Satoshi Hamano, and neuroscientist Fujii Naotaka that promises to examine how and why the Hatsune Miku phenomenon has launched into a global craze.

Based on the backgrounds of the panelists (internet communities and social brains) there will likely be a heavy emphasis on the fanbase, but what - if anything - this has to do with love remains to be seen.

If you're in Tokyo on June 30 and have a spare ¥2,000 (~$20) burning a hole in your pocket, you can register for the talk over at Mori's website. For everyone else, you can sit back and the video for Supercell's Miku hit Love is War... which at least has the word "love" in the title:

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