Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Object of geek desire: custom knit Final Fantasy Chucks

I'm not quite sure when Converse All-Stars became synonymous with geek footwear, but I'm thinking David Tennant had something to do with it.

Regardless, these iconic pieces of affordable shoery have graced the feet of subcultures both athletic and geeky since the 1920s, and the world has been a better place for it.  Recently, however, a wave of Etsy artists have seen the potential in a humble pair of Chucks and have used them as templates to pattern their crafts on.

Take today's object of geek desire, for example:

Above is the handiwork (footiwork?) of the talented Etsy crafter PrettySneaky who bases her entire business around creating custom, hand-knit Chuck Taylor sneakers.  These awesome Final Fantasy Knit Chucks will set you back $130 (plus $14 in shipping), but are available in a full range of sizes.

Better still, the shop owner is willing to knit any two character sprites from the original Final Fantasy game onto the shoes for you - so you can rock White Mage/Black Mage sneakers if you'd like, or opt for the Monk/Black Belt pairing if you'd like to play it a bit more subtle.

As for myself, I'd probably order Princess Sarah and King of Cornelia King Steve, just to test the shop owner's knowledge of esoteric, 8-bit sprite design.

The Final Fantasy Knit Chucks are just one of PrettySneaky's many stock offerings, however. In addition to offering themed sneakers for trekkies, old-school gamers, Whoovians, and Minecrafters, she also sells some base-pattern Chucks to appeal to non-geeks.

Happily, PretySneaky is also up for custom orders - so if you'd like to push the limit and go for 16-bit sprites you can drop the seller a note and look forward to rocking your Sabin & Edgar Chuck Taylors in a few weeks time.