Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Object of geek desire: Eye of Sauron stained glass window

Few sights in the realm of modern fantasy evoke the same sense of foreboding that Sauron's disembodied flaming eye does.

Perched high above the lands of Mordor atop the black tower of Barad-dûr, the unearthly, unblinking eye is all that remains of an ambitious and evil demigod's rage and longs for nothing less than the complete subjugation of all free people.

Now, this portent of doom can be a tasteful accessory in your living room!

Above is the impressive handiwork of Etsy artist glassgoesmetal, and it's exactly what it looks like: a stained glass window representing everything that's evil and in need of thwarting in the lands of middle earth.

Said window measures 18" x 30" and is fabricated individually by hand.  Additionally, each piece is clearly built for the long haul as glassgoesmetal states that his windows are, "a truly unique piece of fine art for people to enjoy long after your [sic] dead".

Hmm, this would make for a pretty bitchin' accent window in a mausoleum now that I think about it....

Anyway!  Glasgoesmetal's artistry and durability comes at an unfortunately steep - if commensurate - price.  This awesome window retails for $725 with US-only shipping costing an additional $45.  If you're not into The Lord of the Rings (shame on you!), glassgoesmetal also offers a rather impressive Aliens chestburster window for $750.

As for myself, I think I'll hold out until he starts offering windows with the house sigils from HBO's Game of Thrones.