Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Zelda Reorchestrated's Twilight Symphony won't be making it to iTunes after all

Few things in life sting quite as painfully as the disappointment that follows quickly on the heels of achievement. Well, maybe bees.  And wasps... but disappointment is still the worst of the three, as its sting lingers long after the initial pain is over.

The creative minds over at Zero Music - the consortium of talent behind the Twilight Symphony orchestral project - know this well as their collective dream of releasing an orchestral version of the Twilight Princess soundtrack was recently realized and then quickly dashed to pieces.

Back at the end of 2012, Zero Music was close to releasing the super-exclusive (and exceedingly rare) physical run of the Twilight Symphony project when Nintendo of America unexpectedly stepped in and offered its support for the project. The physical discs were eventually shipped out, and fans were told to wait for the digital release of the project on iTunes and other digital distribution channels.

Teasers of the project were released during this time, and they were awesome:

And then, something happened.  It must have been a doozy of posturing and trademark enforcement (those who know aren't talking) but the planned digital release of Twilight Symphony never materialized.

Fans waited for months for an update from Zero Music, and finally - earlier in April - a maudlin message appeared on Zero's homepage:

"If you haven't already discovered, Twilight Symphony has been available via torrent since November 2012. We understand that out of loyalty and respect, many of you have avoided this as a means of obtaining the album. We sincerely appreciate that. It was our heartfelt desire to release the album through our record label, Joypad Records, via iTunes, and other digital outlets. Unfortunately, it appears that will not be happening, so we are not opposed to you finding an alternative means through which to obtain it. Ultimately, we just want you to have it for your enjoyment."

While it'd be tempting at this point to yell "Woo hoo! Free music!" and torrent the shit out out of the three and a half hour long masterpiece of orchestral and choral arrangements, it's sad to see Zero Music fold after almost nine years of creating such lovingly crafted music.

If you have it in yourself to donate to Zero for the project after you've downloaded it, there's a link on their site where you can do so.

As for myself, I plan on listening to Twilight Symphony on loop for the balance of today before stepping out to my curb (at twilight, naturally) to pour some Lon Lon Milk out for the memory of the fallen.