Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Adventure Maximums! is an RPG for a new generation of gamers (literally!)

Few things in life are quite as sad and frustrating as a parent forcing their hobbies on their children.  My father had it in his head that I'd be the greatest soccer player to come from America, and I repaid his fantasies with a short-lived little league career spent sitting under the PVC crossbeam of the goal picking wildflowers.

With this humiliating anecdote in mind, I'm usually wary of RPGs and gaming products aimed at kids.  It's one thing if their parents want to sit around a table chucking dice about while roleplaying as Paladins, Anti-Paladins, and Were-Paladins - but it's another entirely to expect their kids will want to emulate them.

Yet the emulation is happening - spurred on by the likes of Skylanders and kid-friendly fantasy games - and it's something that parents should not only embrace, but move off the screen and onto the dining room table where it belongs.

Unfortunately, most tabletop RPGs feature impenetrable rules and supplemental books to slog through - all of which well beyond the reading level of your average child - and so kids wishing to run, or even play, a tabletop RPG often find it to be impossible.

At least, it will be impossible until Adventure Maximus! reaches its Kickstarter funding...

Ok, so the above video with its lack of production values might not be the best foot that Adventure Maximus! to have put forward... but the project itself is cool beyond words.

With a gameplay style reminiscent of Munchkin, Adventure Maximus! takes the traditional pen-and-paper RPG and transforms it into a lighter, dice-and-card affair making it more friendly to those with short attention spans and limited vocabularies.

Pint-sized players will first select a race card for their character (human, goblin, dwarf, ambulatory hamburger, etc.) and then select a class card for them (Warrior, Sawbones, Wizard, Sparklemancer, etc) before setting out for adventures in The Realm of Ex-Machina.

From there, it's up to the DM GM Storyteller Maximus Master to run the adventure and keep the game moving, just as it would be with a normal tabletop RPG adventure.

If the sight of watching the fruit of your loins (or the fruit of your friends' loins) playing a tabletop RPG sets your heart a-flutter, you can head over to the Kickstarter page for Adventure Maximus! to get in on the ground floor of the kiddie RPG.

The suggested retail price for the starter set is $25, but you can pick up a print-and-play PDF copy on the cheap for $15 as a backer reward.