Thursday, May 30, 2013

George R.R. Martin working on The GRRM-arillion, a Game of Thrones coffee table book

In an effort to troll the fans who've slogged through all 4,900 someodd pages of the A Song of Ice and Fire series, author George R. R. Martin announced that he's working on a new book that is - once again - not the sixth book that readers have been waiting for.

Unlike some other projects that Martin has announced over the past year, however, this new book is at least set in the Game of Thrones universe and is something of a coffee table compendium.

Officially titled The World Of Ice and Fire, UK publisher HarperCollins has informally dubbed it "The GRRM-arillion"in a clear reference to the ponderously dry The Silmarillion - which Tolkien fans have long used to separate true elf-ophiles from those who simply fancy Orlando Bloom.

Interestingly, The World of Ice and Fire is designed to be a sort of in-world narrative and is supposedly presented to King Robert "Fuck you, I'm not too drunk to hunt" Baratheon just after his rebellion against the Targaryens.  It will contain, per Martin himself,

"Never-before revealed details of Aegon’s Conquest, the War With the Faith, The Dance of the Dragons, the Paramours of Aegon the Unworthy, etc."

In short, it will be the ultimate, illustrated lore book for the series and it's due out next spring.

Anticipating the fan backlash of "write faster, dammit!", The Guardian notes that although has Martin written 250,000 words for The World of Ice and Fire (alongside fansite Westeros' Elio M. GarcĂ­a) he won't actually be working on The GRRM-arillion for that long.

Instead, he blames the spring 2014 release on publishing delays and "illustrative complications".

He can blame the late release on a swarm of laser-guided whooping locusts for all that I care, so long as this doesn't interfere with his work on The Winds of Winter, dammit!