Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day link dump!

It's Memorial Day here in the US of A, which means it's time to pay homage to those who fought to keep our country free... by enjoying as many barbecued meats and cold microbrews as possible!

Still, not everyone celebrates this holiday and some poor souls are stuck in the office today.  Others as desperate for distraction from backyard parties with the family, while still others simply aren't lucky enough to reside in the US.

For these, I present - as ever - a link dump of some of the very best procrastination-enabling sites on the 'net.  So crack a cold one and enjoy!
  •  Evopropinquitous - This hilarious, and extremely well-written, tumblr chronicles the oddly specific hardships endured by a field biologist in the jungles of Africa and South America.  If you've ever wondered what song is appropriate to hum while performing a vasectomy on a rhesus monkey, this is the blog for you to follow. 
  • DIY Triforce Lamp - I meant to do a post on this ages ago, but never found the time or the mitre saw required to make my own.  If you're looking for a fun weekend project, you could certainly do worse than this.
  • Tragedy Series - Another great tumblr, this grandiloquent blog takes oddball unfortunate situations and gives them the high Victorian treatment.  A must for steampunks and English majors.
  • All hail the Mantis Shrimp - One of the reasons why The Oatmeal is the best thing to happen to the internet.
And finally, if you're in the mood for some old school Final Fantasy - TheElderGeek mashed up the Distant Worlds performance of Final Fantasy VI's Opera Maria & Draco with the original (albeit remasted) 16-bit animation.  The result is 10 of the best minutes of your day: