Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Object of geek desire: a 13 foot high metal dragon

When you graduate from "college geek" to "young adult" geek, you (usually) ditch the 6' high Futurama posters to make room for more tasteful decor of an acceptably Ikean nature.

Yet if you're truly a geek worth their d20, you continue to place small signifiers of your geeky tastes and interests about your house.  Others who share your passions will do the same, and you begin to develop a sixth sense for finding these hidden accents.

Gargoyles and Pre-Raphelite paintings are a given in most geek apartments, as are bookshelves devoted to the entire Harry Potter collection.  But a real geek?  They have a 13' high metal dragon hanging out in their living room.

Ok, so there was a slight embellishment.  The Metal Giant Dragon, as pictured, is only 12'10" high - but still, it's a motherfucking dragon that would thrust majestically through the low ceilings of most starter apartments.

The artist behind this impressive edifice is Etsy seller Kreatworks, a Bangkok-based shop that specializes in recycled metal sculptures of anything a geek would want.  6" metal Yoda?  Check.  Eight foot high metal Hellboy?  That's a big check.  Giant, honkin' metal Jack Sparrow?  But of course. Egregiously oversized metal Robocop?  You get the idea.

Although the shipping costs for each auction are listed as $0.00, they're calculated at the end of each sale and chances are they won't be cheap.  The dragon pictured above weighs a svelte 881 lbs, which probably isn't all that cheap to ship internationally... but when you're paying $11,500 for the sculpture chances are good the shipping costs aren't that much of a concern to you.

Some might dismiss The Metal Giant Dragon as a frivolous and excessively expensive purchase, equal is size and cost to a new car, but I prefer to think of it as a passive security system.  Ain't no one crazy enough to break into a house with a motherfucking metal dragon in the living room.