Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Object of geek desire: Grimlok the Orc dice bag

With the exception of a pithy t-shirt, few things define a gamer's presence at a gaming table quite like their dice and dice-related accessories do.

While there are plenty of nifty dice sets to be had, many tabletop roleplayers are pretty boring in their choice of dice bag - the indispensable means of convey a plethora of point polyhedrons from Point A to Point B.

Sure, you could buy a cheap leather or cloth pouch like everyone else at your gaming table, or you could roll up with something really attention-grabbing... like the severed, yet still adorable, head of Grimlok the Orc -

This week's object of geek desire comes from the one-stop geek craft etsy store MyFunkyCamelot which stocks everything from steampunk Dalek purses, to Link hats, and plush Murlocs for the WoW players out there.

But it's the dice bags that really get Kristen of MyFunkyCamelot's name out there, and the green fleece Grimlok sack is one of the cooler ones in her collection (though, that Dalek one is kinda cool...) and comes in lovely shades of moss or acid green.

No matter which shade you choose, it'll only set you back a reasonable $27.00 (+$5.50 for shipping) making it an affordable way to let everyone know that your level 17 half-elf Bardladin is here to kick ass and threaten crits.

I wonder if she can make one of these in kobold red...