Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Object of geek desire: knit Legend of Zelda afghan throw

When deciding how best to bring a room's decor together, most people opt for a brightly colored accent wall to help establish a theme.

While a sensible design choice, there are plenty of other less labor-intensive options available like hanging a tasteful nude painting, bringing in a new chair, or even installing a stained glass window.

Yet a humble throw blanket should never be overlooked.  Aside from provide warmth for exposed legs and shoulders, a hand-knit throw draped over the back of a couch can easily serve as the centerpiece of a room. Especially when it looks like this...

Above is the work of etsy artist PenelopeAndClyde - a talented gal who specializes in 8-bit crochet.  Her Take This Throw is a great example of her work and shows off her ability to bring one of the most iconic moments of 8-bit gaming to life with big, hand-knit stitches.

Measuring 51" x 40", the Take This Throw is a bit too tiny for two to cuddle under but is the perfect size for a solo gamer to curl up under while reading or playing through a new game.  If Zelda isn't your fancy (what the hell is wrong with you?) PenelopeAndClyde also has a selection of throws inspired by old school arcade games like Galaga, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man.

The Donkey Kong-inspired Mario & Princess Peach Pauline Throw would be a great wedding gift for an exceptionally geeky couple... although it'd be a bit better if it had some flaming barrels on the sides to bring a bit more romance to the meeting.

Anyway!  The Take This Throw can be yours for $160, which is quite reasonable given the amount of work that probably goes into a design of this size.  The rest of her throws range between $145 and $170 (Galaga), with about $12.50 shipping extra.

While that might seem like a lot of money to invest in a blanket, it's a much easier room design choice to justify than the fresh hell that is involved with painting an accent wall...