Friday, May 17, 2013

The Game of Thrones great houses look better rebranded as modern businesses

(image credit: Mondayne, via Shutterstock

One of the most appealing characteristics behind George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones storyline is that it's almost purely fantasy.  While many characters have believable flaws and understandable ambitions, they - and their houses - are presented in such a one-dimensional way that most readers/viewers could never picture them in the real world.

Shutterstock aimed to change this recently with a series dubbed "Game of Brands" which took the great houses of Westeros and reimagined them as modern day corporations. This isn't the first time that the great houses received a modern rebranding, but it is - perhaps - the most hilarious:

(image credit: Mondayne, via Shutterstock

Fittingly, each house corporation receives a slogan that resonates with the house words from Martin's fantasy saga.  Air Targaryen airlines, for example, holds to "Own the sky!" while The Lannister Investment Group proudly states that it's "Managing the Lion's Share".

Baratheon Security's a bit of a miss ("Protection you can Trust"), but Stark Outfitters ("Conquer the Elements") and Greyjoy Cruises ("Discover the Secrets of the Deep") more than make up for it. House Arryn, meanwhile, becomes a bit of a badass with Arryn Mobile ("The Nights are ours for the Taking") which is a way better branding than the infant formula company that I would have suggested.

While this series is great, I'd really like to see it expanded to include the minor houses imagined as plucky start-ups like Clegane Social Services, Bolton Medical, Manderly Catering, and Frey Family Planning.

Actually, strike that last one - and fuck the Freys.