Friday, May 10, 2013

The Legend of Korra Book 2 is still delayed, at least taking shape

By all rights, second season of The Legend of Korra (Book 2 - Spirits) should have made its debut by now.

Most figured the tentative release window of "April" was a bit optimistic when co-creator Bryan Konietzko told fans to be patient back in February - and now that we're well into May, it's safe to say we're not getting Korra before the summer.

This was confirmed at a recent press event, where Nickelodeon mentioned only that Korra would return "later this year".  Anticipating the groans and fan flailing that a lack of a release date would cause, the network and creators decided to placate the Korra faithful with a animatics/storyboard trailer.

The quality isn't the greatest - and, being animatics, it's not even close to being finished - but hey, it's refreshing all the same to see how Book 2 will (probably) kick off.  Spoilers after the video...

Asami becomes an even more fetishistic Amelia Earhart, Mako becomes a pun-spouting motorcycle cop, Bolin remains comic relief, and Korra actually shows a bit of Aang's humor and personality (using the avatar state to beat a couple of kids in a race is a stone-cold dick move, by the by)  and.... holy crap! Was that a heartless?

If it's not, it's certainly close enough to get most Kingdom Hearts fans keyblades a-swinging.  Skip to 3:33 for the fight scene at the end where it looks like Korra and the heartless/octopus spirit monster start duking it out in some sort of carnival.

There's still not a whole lot of plot to go on from this animatics trailer - but it's still nice to see that they'll be introducing spirits pretty early on in, well, y'know... Spirits.