Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Final Fantasy: Terra is a fan film, looks incredible

Anyone who's spent any amount of time on the internet knows how common fan films are - and because of this ubiquity, it's a rare project that can actually stand out from the rest.

It might seem a bit premature to label Final Fantasy: Terra as one of these projects, but based on its subject matter (arguably, the greatest video game ever created) and the fact that it has both storyboards and auditions it's likely that it will distinguish itself from the legions of other fan films currently clogging up the YouTubes these days.

But the project isn't without its concerns.  Based on the few posters that have been published to its Facebook page, the casting appears to be a bit on the young side particularly where Celes is concerned...

Admittedly, Terra is supposed to be 18... but Celes looks like she'd have a tough time buying a pack of cigarettes, much less convincing anyone that she's a general in the Gestahlian Empire's army.  Still, I suppose if they were trying to cast around Terra the decision makes some sense - and the costuming is quite excellent.

Anyway, exactly where the production company is with the project remains unclear.  Auditions were held in mid-march and filming began out in Oregon sometime toward the end of April, so it's likely that Final Fantasy: Terra is already in the post-production stages at this point.

I've sent an email over to the contact associated with the film to see if there are any more details available other than what's on their Facebook page.  In the mean time, if I had to guess based on the characters shown (Terra, Locke, Celes, and Edgar) it's likely that the movie will take place in the early stages of the story.

Whether or not it makes it to the point that Kefka and other ancillary characters begin to show up remains to be seen - and hopefully the upcoming trailer will let us know what to expect.

Terra, in Yoshitaka Amano's concept art [source]

Honestly, the more I look at the youthful faces attached to the actors in Final Fantasy: Terra, the more nervous I become for this project - but the fact that the film makers called Terra "Terra" instead of "Tina" puts a lot of those fears at rest.

Also, the trailer for their earlier project - Divination - shows that they know their way around digital effects, so let's hope Final Fantasy: Terra is worth being excited over!