Friday, June 28, 2013

Grant Kirkhope puts unreleased Banjo-Kazooie album on Bandcamp for free, is entirely awesome

Rare alum and veteran music composer Grant Kirkhope is well on his way his way to becoming one of the coolest people on the internet.

Barely a month after he started giving away three of his most well-known N64 soundtracks for free, Kirkhope - who you young kids might recognize as the composer for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning -  is at it again with more free music for fans to enjoy.

The Album, Banjo-Kazooie Beta's (or BK BETA'S!!) contains a hodepodge of unreleased tracks that Kirkhope found embedded in the original Banjo-Kazooie ROM and contain descriptive track names like "Babe (no idea what this was for)" and "Ogres (Left over from Dream I think?)".

Despite the uncertainty, there are a lot of early and alternate versions of Kirkhope's best-known themes from Banjo-Kazooie (and Donkey Kong 64) on Beta's... and they're absolutely free!

Arguably, the best tracks are "Another FreeEezy" - an alternate, less Christmas-y theme for Freezeezy Peak and "House Autumn" / "House Summer", two reprisals of Click Clock Wood's famous theme that didn't make it onto the original OST.

All told, BK BETA'S!! features 22 tracks and a 56-minute runtime, which is pretty incredible considering - again - that it's free.  If you're interested in picking it up, you can download it directly from Kirkhope's Bandcamp Page... and maybe even toss him a couple of bucks for his effort while you're over there.