Friday, June 7, 2013

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F coming to the west for the PS3, no love for the Vita... yet.

The news that Vocaloid fans in the west have been waiting for has finally arrived.  No, Project Mirai isn't coming overseas - and no you still can't actually date Hatsune Miku yet... but soon you'll be able to play Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for your PS3 when it's released in Europe and North America later this year!

That's right, kiddies - there's an official localization of a Project Diva rhythm game in the works with a demo making its way to the PSN on June 11.  There's no clear release date yet, but the PlayStation Blog says we can expect it as a digital download sometime in August.

This is actually non news to hardcore Vocaloid fans who've probably paid for a Japanese import of the game by now, but it's quite exciting news for casual fans - or those who couldn't justify parting with ~$80 for a console rhythm game.

Unfortunately, this means that Vocaloid hipster aggro is likely to reach a boiling point in the weeks ahead.  It's been building up to a steady simmer ever since Hatsune Miku swag made its way into Hot Topic, but soon formal battle lines will be drawn up.  Seriously - there will be Livejournal communities about this!

Jests aside, I happened across two guys from Sega at a developer's conference back in January and they talked about how Hatsune Miku's brand was "just on the tipping point" of going over in the west.  They were cagey about what this might mean in the long haul - and, to date, everything that Sega's done with Miku in the US has been in the name of "gauging interest" so it follows that western sales of Project Diva F will determine whether or not more games find their way out of Japan.

And if they don't, well - old school Vocaloid fans won't bat an eyelash.  Chances are that they've already preordered them for the JP-region 3DSes anyway.