Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Link's Shadow makes a great case for a live-action Zelda movie

If you ask a long-time Legend of Zelda fan to name the most difficult dungeon in the history of the franchise, you'll hear the words "Water Temple" before the question is finished leaving your lips.

That punishing palace from the N64 classic Ocarina of Time remained a challenge for the most well-traveled Hylean adventurer even after it received a bit of a nerf in the 3DS re-release back in 2011.

Despite all the difficulty of the dungeon itself, one of the more zen moments you have in the Water Temple is when you encounter Dark Link - the shadowy mini-boss who's literally a tenebrous reflection of your hero.  Dark Link springs out of the reflective surface of a tranquil pool and proceeds to make Link's life a living hell for a few agonizing seconds.

If you try to run, he circles you.  If you try to attack, he attacks right back, and he'll shoot arrows at you whenever you try to do something other than run in circles or bleed out.

For this reason, the fight is fixed firmly in the memories of many Zelda fans - and now it's been immortalized as a live-action film of sorts which was sent over by an incredibly awesome reader:

Your first reaction to the video ("AWESOME!") will die down the closer you watch it.  Link's costume is a bit slapdash, and his ears are the sort of costume store prosthetics you'd spirit gum to your own headflaps for Halloween.  But still, the amount of care devoted to the digital effects and crew reactions makes this stand head-and-shoulders above your average fan film.

The fight choreography itself is... decent* ... although the duel's resolution might leave serious Zelda fans feeling a bit cheated - especially since Link should've just opened with Din's Fire and roasted the bastard like everyone else does.

Anyway, what are you still doing reading this?  Full-screen the video above, turn the quality up to 1080p, and try not to look to closely at the frayed edges - this might be the closest you'll ever get to seeing a live-action Zelda movie, and it is awesome.

* I'm pretty sure Dark Link takes a shot square in the knuckles at 2:17