Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Object of geek desire: three foot tall plush heartless

To infants and children, few things hold the same comfort and potential for fun that a stuffed animal does.

These plush compatriots are rugged enough to serve as play toys and adventuring buddies, but are still soft enough to be snuggled with or cuddled for comfort.  In short, they're just about the coolest toy ever.

At some point, however, it becomes distinctly uncool to have stuffed animals or plush pets around one's home - which is a pity, because this three-foot-tall plush Heartless belongs in the guestroom closets of every house in America.

The above plushcraft by Sara Vaughn measures 36" (or 1 meter) high from toe to antennae and should be instantly recognizable to anyone who's ever played a Kingdom Hearts game.

Made of soft black fleece and filled with, well... plush... the oddly adorable Plush Heartless Shadow is big and soft enough to be cuddle - but could also be used for keyblade practice when you're in need of blowing off a little steam.  Happily, Vaughn's put a reasonable price on these plushies and you can recruit one to your own Traverse Town for $75 (plus $17 shipping)... which isn't so bad for a 3-foot-high stuffed animal!

Vaughn's shop - Daggerhime - is full of other cute video game and anime-inspired plushies like a stuffed moogle, a plush Germany cat (from Neko-Hetalia), and even stuffed Onigiri for the true Japanophile.

Happily, Vaughn appears to take commissions - so if you've been itching for a stuffed Hylean Shield to use in your next pillow fight, drop her a note and see if she can make it happen.