Monday, June 3, 2013

The Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG is still chugging along, despite glitches

Taking an expansive MMORPG like Final Fantasy XI and transforming it into a single player, 16-bit adventure is not exactly what you'd call an easy job.  It's about as difficult as creating a 1:300 scale model of an in-game zone, just y'know - without all the glue fumes and xacto knife cuts.

But this is exactly what "Trinnity", the dedicated mind behind The Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG, is planning to do - and he's still hard at work on the project despite mounting fears that it's been abandoned.

Back at the end of February, Trinnity's Fanmade RPG gained a lot of popularity among current FFXI players and legions of Vana'diel alumns who were eager to see their beloved game world ported into a massive, single player, offline RPG (MSPORPG?).  From early on, The Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG showed an amazing amount of detail with intricate - yet accessible - systems created to handle everything from Blue Magic to fishing, crafting, NM hunting, and even Ballista.

Yet the project hit a snag at the end of March - and apparently it was a big one. After a mysterious post appeared...

...there was nothing but silence from Trinnity on the project.

Some assumed Trinnity received a cease and desist letter from Square Enix's legal team, while others assumed the game simply got too big for Trinnity to handle.  Still others assumed nothing and just plain forgot about it.  But either way, days turned into weeks without an update. After two months of unanswered questions everyone assumed the project was effectively dead or abandoned.

Yet happily, that doesn't seem to be the case.  On May 29, Trinnity posted that "A measly 'Flashing monster' script was causing this game to freeze" and that it's "now running smoothly again".

There's been no update as to when a test or debug version will be released, or even what platforms it will be on (PC seems likely, given it's built from RPG Maker) but he's once again responding to fan comments which suggests a renewal in his enthusiasm for the project.

Here's to hoping this project makes it to completion.  I don't have it in me to resurrect my old FFXI character, but this seems like just the thing to play when my MMO nostalgia flares up again.