Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hear Hatsune Miku's sing in English with new V3 demo

The arrival of Hatsune Miku's much-anticipated V3 English Voicebank is drawing ever closer, and western Vocaloid fans have been on tenterhooks waiting to see how it'll play outside of Japan.

Although the acceptance by westerners unfamiliar with Vocaloid remains to be seen, a new demo created with the V3 English Voicebank gives fans a good idea of what they can expect from Miku's voice synthesizer as it takes on the English language.

This isn't the first time that Miku's attempted to sing in English - and she's far from the first Vocaloid to be marketed for its English phoneme bank (that accolade goes to Megurine Luka) - but Miku's undeniable popularity makes her a great flagship character for Vocaloid to an uninitiated western audience.

From the sample above, she's certainly intelligible - if a bit accented - but that might add to the charm of people watching a "Japanese anime character" sing in English.

Whether the V3 English Software creates a small but passionate group of talented producers in America or whether it relegates Miku to being sampled by T-Pain and pop starlets remains to be seen, but no matter how bad the outcome is Vocaloid fans can take solace in knowing that it won't the worst thing to happen to Hatsune Miku.