Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kayne Quest 3030 might be the best hip hop RPG you'll play today

Kayne West has a life that few of us would ever want to live.  He's a successful rapper of decent skill unfortunately married to one of the worst things to happen to pop culture since the television - and now, he's going on a Kayne Quest.

The new RPG Kayne Quest 3030 is built on RPG Maker - just like The Mirror Lied and the Final Fantasy XI Fanmade RPG - and kicks off when Kayne is sucked through a wormhole to the year 3030.  In this bizarre, dystopian future, Kayne is immediately hailed by hip hop clones of everyone from Tupac to Eninem as "the Yeezus one" and he's given the job of overthrowing the cruel empire of Lil B.

In order to return to his own time, Kayne must throw down in hip hop battles where dissing opponents and calling on your production skills will turn the tide of battle... or at least let you get their creepy, floating heads off your screen.

All in all, Kayne Quest 3030 looks like the sort of game you'll play for about 20 minutes before the novelty wears off and you move onto something else (*cough*TheMirrorLied*cough) but for those twenty minutes or so, Kayne Quest 3030 should be an amusing little diversion.

And, like most everything else built on RPG Maker, Kayne Quest is absolutely free and will only run on Windows.  If you're still under the lash of Microsoft, you can download Kayne Quest 3030 here.