Friday, July 12, 2013

Much delayed, but equally awesome: The Game of Thrones Season 2 RPG Parody is spot on

Way back in 2011, College Humor created a pitch-perfect parody trailer of the first season of Game of Thrones where it reimagined HBO's opus as a 16-bit roleplaying game.  Incest jokes flew like young Starks from high towers, and the internet agreed that it was good.

Like many College Humor videos, however, the clip was quickly forgotten and subsumed by people rotoscoping lightsabers into Game of Thrones fight scenes (with hilarious results!) - to say nothing of 16-bit Dr. Who RPG trailers.

Almost a year later, College Humor decided to revisit the 16-bit Game of Thrones RPG with a spoof of Season 2's plot.  The results are so awesome that I don't feel badly about posting them almost 365 days since the video first went live.

Spoilers, and brief 8-bit boobs, follow so exercise your fan filters and SFW filters accordingly.

Someone who knows their way around RPG Maker needs to get on making this thing a reality, and soon.  I think I'd spend pretty much all of my time on the 'King Slap' bonus round.