Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Object of geek desire: handmade Cooking Mama apron

The Cooking Mama series of games one that needs to be played in order to be properly understood.

Like so much The Legend of Zelda, you play as a mute protagonist(a?) who's given a quest from on high to complete.  Unlike Zelda, your quest involves preparing meals in the kitchen in a misguided attempt to gain your mother's love.  If you do well, "Mama" will smile - and perhaps even tear up a little as she beams at you with pride.

If you do poorly, Mama will literally consume you with fire shot from her eyeballs.

An intrepid crafter took the angry Mama image from the games and decided to turn it into a win with an incredible custom apron...

Above is the amazing work of the amazingly named Crafterbation - and it's a one of a kind piece.

Happily, although it looks like Crafterbation has closed up shop, her instructions for the hand cut felt appliqué still remain in the forums - so if you're looking to make one of these yourself, grab that url, then login and register at The WayBack Machine so you can see the archived pictures that show the crafting in progress.

It's amazing - and a testament to the crafter's code - that no one on Etsy has thought to reproduce Crafterbation's amazing apron above to turn a quick buck.  It's also kind of a pity since I'd totally buy, and wear, one of these.