Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Object of geek desire: incredible Legend of Zelda hoodie

It's easy to reach the t-shirt level of video game fandom.

With sites like Woot, The Yetee, and scores of others all shilling shirts with game references, it's no longer a question of whether you can find a cool Legend of Zelda t-shirt but which Legend of Zelda t-shirt you'll buy.

But hoodie fans have a decidedly tougher time of things.  While some sites have begun selling hoodies, it's still a bit difficult to find one that really justifies its purchase price.

This week's object of geek desire aims to change that in the coolest way possible:

A reader sent this hoodie to me, as if trying to tempt me to shunt funds away from my upcoming tattoo fund and into my "awesome new hoodie" fund.  It almost worked.

Sold by Geeky U, the Zelda Sword and Shield Sweater is patterned off of an American Apparel zip-up hoodie and comes with an embroidered, hand sewn Hylean shield and mini-master sword across the back.  The "leather like" belt wraps around to the front where it's latched together with a soft "leather like" buckle but - unfortunately - there are no pictures of what this looks like from the front.

...but who the hell cares?  Like a car with an impressive sound system or a train with a bangin' caboose, it's what in the back that really matters, and this hoodie has style in spades.

For $99.99 (plus about $9.95 for shipping) you can order a Zelda Sword and Shield Sweater of your own.  While it might not be an everyday wardrobe choice, it's an undeniably awesome way to stay warm in the fall and a quick way to rock a hipster Link cosplay at the last minute.