Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Object of geek desire: Snorlax beanbag chair

Few things in life satisfy quite so well as climbing into a comfy chair curled up with a good book, Kindle, or handheld gaming console.

Once your spine's supine and the stress melts away, there's nothing left to do but lose yourself in the experience of relaxation.  For Pokemon fans, this zen state is all but required for marathon grinding sessions (those starters won't evolve themselves!) which makes this week's object of geek desire doubly perfect for them...

...behold, the plushy glory of the Snorlax Beanbag chair!

Created by etsy artist Ashley of A Geek Boutique, the Snorlax beanbag chair is "adult sized" but will gladly envelope smaller Pokemon fans in its adorably sleepy embrace.  It also ships without beans (to keep shipping costs down) which means you can fill it with whatever you'd like - plastic beans, memory foam, popcorn kernels, whatever - man - it's your snorlax.

Or, rather, it would be if it was still for sale.  Unfortunately, it looks like A Geek Boutique is closed (or is on hiatus) and the last Snorlax Beanbag Chair sold on January 1, which means it's not an item ready to order.  You can try your luck contacting the shop owner if you're eager to buy one... but a trip through the waybackmachine shows the price of the Snorlax Beanbag Chair as $299.00, so you may want to sell your older Pokemon games to free up funds before emailing about it.

Alternatively, if you're not afraid of spending time in a craft store, you can follow a DIY guide over on Deviant Art that yields an almost identical result to the chair above.