Friday, July 5, 2013

Sharknado has a trailer, is really happening

It might be time for The Sci-Fi Channel SyFy to be put out of its misery.  After striking gold with Battlestar Galactica some years back, the channel struggled with how best to follow up its status as a source of gritty, original science fiction.

The results were catastrophic, and eventually the network executives decided to throw caution - and their reputation - to the wind and began churning out cheesy, so-bad-they're-almost-good monster mash-up movies like their lives depended on it.

This cavalcade of ironic b-movies saw Sharktopus follow Frankenfish, and went on to include such cult hits as Mega Python vs. Gatoroid, Piranhaconda, and Tasmanian Devils - which was pretty much a movie about that gal from The Wonder Years immolating a bunch of mutated marsupials with a flamethrower.

Now it seems that the mashing up of monster with monster has become too difficult, and SyFy's decided to mix monsters with natural disasters.  The result is... Sharknado.

A tornado full of sharks.

Aside from sounding like a high-value Cards Against Humanity card ("a tornado full of sharks" just might top "a windmill full of corpses"), there really doesn't seem to be anything redeeming about Sharknado.

You may be tempted to get some friends together and watch Sharknado - particularly while, or after - imbibing copious amounts of adult beverages, but there are far better ways to capitalize on a drunk buzz especially when you consider that the "star power" behind Sharknado is none other than American Pie's Tara Reid.

If you really must see what a tornado full of sharks looks like, you can join me when I break down and watch it see it when it debuts on SyFy at 9pm on July 11.