Friday, July 26, 2013

These geek girls have nothing to prove

It's become impossible to read a geek news site or attend a con recently without being drawn into the "fake geek girl" argument.

Fake geek girls exist, and they prey upon the periphery of geek culture claiming to be geeks in order to claim some cultural capital.  In some cases, they were created as marketing gimmicks to lure the male geek audience in to spend money - and in others, they're just trying to identify as geeks without enduring the marginalization and ridicule that galvanized all of us into the interesting people that we are to make themselves look more interesting.

Unfortunately, these pretenders - and yes, there are pretenders - make life a living hell for real geek girls, and the crusade against fake geeks is oftentimes carried out too enthusiastically to the point that any female geek will have her authenticity questioned.

And that, put simply, sucks.  Hard.  So, the Portland-based sister group The Doubleclicks put together a music video to tell you all why.

It's absolutely horrible that the fake geek trend has had this effect on female geeks the world 'round.

Hopefully, pieces like Nothing to Prove will convince male geeks that they are not gatekeepers of the geek identity and that women have just as much right to be there as anyone else.

Once The Big Bang Theory goes off the air and the whole 'Geek Chic' thing fades to a memory, life will once again become easier geeks regardless of gender.  Until then, it's important for us not to misidentify and attack one other - the real enemy is the consumer market that's commodifying our identity.