Thursday, August 15, 2013

Forget the Dovahkiin, Skyrim's COPS are its true heroes

At the end of the 1980s, the trainwreck that is COPS took off in North America.  Despite the thin premise behind the show (watch cops arrest people), COPS made for some pretty compelling television if you were ever stuck at home on a Friday night and accidentally microwaved your Sega Genesis.

The reason for the appeal of COPS is that it lionized the everyman of law enforcement and showed the seedy underbelly of whatever city was playing host to a given episode.  Viewers knew that they were going to see the worst of the worst - from robberies to drunken assaults - and they gleefully turned in to watch other people's lives unfurl from the comfort of their living room sofa.

Imagine, then, how awesome COPS would be if it was set in Skyrim.  Instead of simple drug charges, you'd have rodent hording, Nord prostitution, and The Elder Dragon knows what else.  Thankfully, the good people at The Nerdist have given us a look at what this awesome show would look:

This is actually the first episode in the third season of COPS: Skyrim, and it shows that the charm of the premise hasn't been lost since the first episode.  You don't have to have spent any time in Skyrim to appreciate the humor in this one, but if you've taken on the mantle of Dovahkiin for yourself it'll be all the more amusing.

...if only for the Skyrim-inspired remix of the COPS theme song.