Monday, August 12, 2013

Nobuo Uematsu and the Earthbound Papas are ready to drop their second album, Dancing Dad, on the world

After the dissolution of The Black Mages three years ago, many fans of Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu were worried that his foray into rock renditions of video game music was at an end.  Thankfully, the unveiling of his new band - The Earthbound Papas - put most of those fears to rest back in with their first album Octave Theory.

Now, two years after Octave Theory, The Earthbound Papas are ready to drop a whole new album of awesome on the world - Dancing Dad.

The highlight for many Final Fantasy fans will be the arrangement of 'Fight with Seymour' (from FFX) which The Black Mages absolutely killed in their 2004 self-titled debut album - but there's plenty more to look forward to on Dancing Dad like, y'know, a new rendition of FFVI's 'Dancing Mad'... which the Black Mages also killed.

Actually, those are really the only two Final Fantasy tracks on the album.  There's a theme from Blue Dragon and Lord of Vermillio, but the rest of the album is dedicated to original songs and not game music - which is really exciting given the talent in the Papas.

Dancing Dad is available for pre-order on August 17/18, and will be released on September 1st.  If you're interested in picking it up, brush up on your Japanese and check out the Dog Ear Records site for more information.