Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Object of geek desire: adorable sleeping baby Chocobo sculpture

Today's the day for Final Fantasy XIV fans.  After Square Enix pulled the plug on the MMO back in November, the game finally returns for the PC and PS3 today as A Realm Reborn.

Chances are good that you won't be seeing many of your Final Fantasy-obsessed friends in the months ahead, so it might be in your interests to send them a small token of your friendship for those moments when they're forced to walk away from Eorzea and explore the real world.

We call those moments "server maintenance".

Anyway, this week's object of geek desire is a perfect way to let a Final Fantasy loving friend know you care in the most d'awwwsome way possible.

Measuring just under an inch and a half long, this tiny Chocobo chick will easily fit on a desktop or airship dashboard without adding too much clutter to the space around it.  Better still, the hand-crocheted nest is included, and gives the sleepy chick a permanent nest to snooze in.

Crafted by Outpost8 shop owner Alia's crafty hands, you have the choice of picking the sleepy chick above or requesting one in a different pose... so if you'd rather have your chick sitting up with its big 'ol Chocobo eyes open, just drop her a note and see what she comes back with.

Happily, all of this cuteness won't cost you a mountain of Gyshal Greens. You can pick up a sleeping Chocobo chick of your own for $27.00 with free shipping in the US.  Whether you say Wark! or Kweh!, you can agree that this Chocobo chick will look great dozing under a monitor or HDTV screen as the world of Eorzea flashes by above them.