Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Object of geek desire: Legend of Zelda Hylian Shield Backpack

Being the Hero of Time isn't easy.  On top of saving the world from an impending cataclysm, you also need a way to juggle your supply of bombs, arrows, rupees, and Gold Skulltula Tokens.

Sure, there are bomb bags, quivers, and wallets-a-plenty to be found in game, but where can a Hero find a suitably heroic bag for the real world that will hold their laptop, 3DS, and important notebooks?

Why - on Etsy, of course!

This week's object of geek desire is the handmade Hylian Shield Backpack - shipping from Etsy crafter ivanapepolina.  Measuring a modest 16.9" x 12.5", the Backpack won't be able to hold all of your important gear (leave the hookshot at home), but it certainly will look stylish carrying whatever you put in it.

Like most objects of geek desire, this one comes with a caveat.  While the bag is priced fairly at $69.99 (plus $15 shipping), it will ship from the far-off baltic nation of Bosnia and Herzegovina... so if you're ordering this one from the US of A, you might want to factor a week or two for shipping at the very least.

Still, if you're will to pay $85 and be patient, there are few better ways to round out your Hipster Link cosplay.

And incidentally, if you're not quite heroic enough to afford the Hylian Shield Backpack in all of its "I'm a big kid now" glory, there's always the over-the-shoulder Deku Shield Bag available at less than half the price.