Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Object of geek desire - Skyward Sword inspired rideable plush Loftwing

Beginning with the very first 8-bit outing, most Legend of Zelda games offered players a new, gimmicky way to get Link from Point A to Point B.

Whether it was a noble horse, a cool talking Boat, a magic flute, or even a nifty train, Link knew how to travel in style. But it was the most recent Zelda installment - The Skyward Sword - that really gave players something get excited about when it introduced Loftwings.

Now, you can own one of your very own - provided that you don't mind it coming in plush.

Above is this week's object of geek desire, the amazingly detailed The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword 47"- long Loftwing Plush.

Created by Connecticut-based Etsy crafter L.L. Sheehan, this plush pelican measures an impressive 47" long and has a wingspan of 61" (just over five feet) and is made of "soft, minky fleece" which means you'll have no trouble wanting to hang onto him for dear life when you go flying off the edge of Skyloft.

Intriguingly, the Loftwing Plush is sewn entirely by hand (!!!) with the only machine work present being some embroidery around the eyes.  This amount of labor translates to a somewhat steep price for the plushy - $400 + $70 shipping - but the amount just might be worth it if you're looking for the perfect Zelda accessory to hang from your ceiling and bring your gaming room / Zelda shrine together.

If you like the Loftwing but aren't sold on the color, you can always contact the shop and request a different color for your bird - like Zelda's blurple wonder bird.