Monday, August 19, 2013

Yip yip hooray, ho! Adam WarRock unleashes Avatar: The Last Airbender hip hop on the world.

If you're into nerdcore hip hop, chances are good that you already know who Adam WarRock is.

Whether you know him from his Firefly album, his collaborations with Mega Ran, or his more comic book-inspired hip hop, WarRock is a geek rapper with few equals.

Now, he's apparently out to claim the title of "most amount of fandoms covered in a single hip hop career" with his latest free release, Sozin's Comet, which unleashes a big, 7-track bucket of Avatar: The Last Airbender awesome on the world.

Technically, it's more of an EP than an album since it only has seven tracks, but with titles ranging from "Sokka Style" to "Yip Yip", you'd be remiss not to add this to your collection of nerdcore music.  Admittedly, WarRock's a bit late to the world of The Last Airbender fandom... but all is forgiven with this amazing EP.

And, best of all, it's 100%, completely free, so you have absolutely no reason not to click on this link and download the album right now.