Monday, September 16, 2013

Game of Thrones houses given the cartoon and video game treatment

With the fourth season of the ratings juggernaut drawing ever closer, HBO's Game of Thrones continues to skyrocket to levels of popularity that The Sopranos could never dream of.

And as its fanbase swells, an increasing number of artists have found their way into the fold.  These artists come from all walks of life (like Nike shoe designers...), and they all leave their mark on Game of Thrones fandom in unique and heartfelt ways.

One of the most popular ways for artists to pay tribute to the series/show is to tinker with the sigils and house words of the great noble houses of Westeros.  Anyone can make their own nifty Sean Bean "Winter is Coming" meme, after all, but it takes a true talent to rebrand the great houses as something else entirely.

Italian artist Fabio Di Corleto is one such talent, and he's decided to bring some of the most iconic cartoon and video game characters into Westeros - and we should all thank him for it.

His brief series of designs can be found here and features Sub Zero for House Stark, Blinky the Three-Eyed Fish for House Tully, Spyro for House Targaryen, and Pokemon's Tentacruel for House Greyjoy with a special cameo from Rovio's angriest Angry Bird for House Arryn.

The might not be the classiest implementation of house sigils, but they are the most likely to wind up as your wallpaper this week.  Be sure to give the full series a gander before you decide on one to grace your iPhone's lock screen.