Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grant Kirkhope put the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack online for free, is too awesome for this world

Veteran video game composer and all around awesome guy Grant Kirkhope has continued his one-man mission to make the internet a better place.

After releasing several of his best known Nintendo 64 soundtracks for free, Kirkhope went on to publish an EP of unreleased tracks and raw cuts also for the incredible price of 'free'.

Sure, you could pay for the music as bandcamp allows you to name your own price - but Kirkhope didn't want to gouge his fans for the music he wrote 20 years ago.  If you want the Perfect Dark soundtrack for free, no problems. Want to pay him $6.00 for it? Thats's cool, too.  Either way, it sure beats paying $500 for the original.

Not content with all of that, Kirkhope recently realized that he could do even more for fans of mid-90s gaming and released the entire, 18-track Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack on bandcamp at the same incredible price of 'pay whatever you want'.

The Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack is regarded by many to be some of the best music to come out of the N64 era and contains some of Kirkhope's most recognizable work.  It's undeniably Kirkhope from start to finish, but it adds a great, upbeat jazz element to the otherwise Banjo-Kazooieian feel of the main themes.

In other words, it's a rare (rimshot!) gem of video game music and an album that you should totally check out on Bandcamp for free.  Naturally, if you feel compelled to throw a few dollars in Kirkhope's direction for  his hard work at contributing one of the most recognizable modern video game themes, then by all means go nuts.

Then check out the great OverClocked ReMix homage to the music of Donkey Kong, Serious Monkey Business, which you can also add to your life for the great price of free.