Monday, September 2, 2013

Hayao Miyazaki to retire from filmmaking

After directing 11 animated films over the course of a storied 34 year career, news broke that beloved animator - and Twitter record breaker - Hayao Miyazaki would retire from filmmaking.

Details on his retirement are still a bit hazy, however, as Miyazaki himself didn't actually announce the news.  Instead, Studio Ghibli president Kouji Hoshino announced the impending retirement at the Venice film festival where Miyazaki's latest film, The Wind Rises, is nominated for an award.

Those looking for specific details on Miyazaki's retirement will need to wait until Friday September 6th, when he'll reportedly explain the reasons behind his retirement... which apparently extend beyond him being 72 years old.

The one upside fans have to cling to is that Miyazaki might not actually be retiring after all.  Starting from 1997 (Princess Mononoke) onward, Miyazaki's announced his retirement every couple of years - so there's always the possibility that he'll just be taking a few years off between projects.

If that's not enough of a silver lining for you, then sit back and watch this English-subtitled trailer for his award-nominated The Wind Rises which follows the career of famed warplane designer Jiro Horikoshi.