Friday, September 6, 2013

Hayao Miyazaki's reasons for retiring are understandable, melancholy

Over the weekend, news broke that beloved Anime icon Hayao Miyazaki planned on retiring.  If you're a longtime fan of Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, you've probably heard this song before and thought it was something of a false alarm - especially since the retirement announcement was made by somebody else.

Sadly, this time he's going through with it.  Miyazaki himself clarified via a webcast on NicoNico that "I know I've mentioned retiring many times in the past, so I know that many of you might think... oh, again. This time is for real."

Miyazaki spoke frankly about his advancing age (he is 72 years old, after all), mentioning that his eyesight is failing and that he's been leaving his desk earlier and earlier each year.

But here's where you really might want to run and grab the tissues.  Miyazaki spoke even more candidly addressing his role as an anime director, "I feel that my days in feature film are done... if I said I wanted to [continue], I would sound like an old man saying something foolish."

"I’m going to be free", Miyazaki concluded, "I would like to do something else, and that's not animation."

That's about how we all feel right now, Totoro.

Miyazaki noted that Studio Ghibli would continue after his retirement, and that he might become more involved in the Ghibli Museum - quipping that he might even be added as an exhibit.

All in all, Miyazaki's retirement is completely understandable given the life he's lived and the work he's created.  Millions of fans across the world would love to see him keep working on animated films, but there's no question that the quality would suffer if his heart wasn't in it.

And I, uh... I'm not crying.  It's just been raining on my face.

Oh screw it, I'm going to wrap this post up with that stupidly catchy What does the Fox Say video that's tearing up Facebook right now.  Otherwise, I'd probably crawl back into bed and call this weekend a wash.