Thursday, September 5, 2013

MeowMeow & BowWow is the Link's Awakening chiptune remix album you've been waiting for

Following a game like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is no easy task, but those with Game Boys in the early 90s know that Link's Awakening absolutely nailed it.

As the first handheld installment of the Zelda franchise, Link's Awakening was a game that proved the adventures of Link could move off the TV screen and into the pockets and backpacks of gamers across the world.  It wasn't a perfect game, however, and its visuals suffered from the hardware that it was shackled to.

Yet while its graphics were minimalist at the best of times, Link's Awakening seized on the Game Boy's surprisingly powerful soundchip to produce one of the best, pre-Ocarina soundtracks for the series.

Because of this, it should come as no surprise that Dj Cutman & Spamtron seized on Link's Awakening to release an incredible new chiptune remix album MeowMeow & BowWow.  Even if you've never played the game, there's enough of the overworld theme here to make any Zelda fan's heart beat a little faster.

Incidentally, the seven-track album might win for the must subtle Zelda-inspired album title, as it takes its name from a pair of obscure NPCs in Link's Awakening Madam MeowMeow and her pet chain chomp, BowWow.

Currently available on Gamechops for the modest asking price of $7.00 (or, y'know, a dollar a track), MeowMeow & BowWow is a great addition to a chiptune playlist or any Zelda fan's music library.  If you're in the mood to hear DJ Cutman at his remix-iest, you owe it yourself to check this sweet little EP out.