Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Object of geek desire: adorable, child-sized Luigi fleece hoodie

No matter what grandiose plans Nintendo had for 2013 being known as 'The Year of Luigi', most gamers will always associate the taller of the two Mario Brothers as being the one foisted on younger siblings, visiting friends, and other "Player 2's".

This isn't a bad thing by any means - as second players need characters of their own - but Nintendo should stop trying to force Luigi into the role of the protagonist and allow fans to glory in his role as a sidekick.

And the easiest way for the Big N to accomplish this? Rolling out a kid-sized Luigi fleece hoodie to every child in America.

This week's Object of Geek desire, the Mario Bros. inspired Luigi fleece hoodie is perfect for pint-sized Player 2 in your life.  Created by Etsy artist MagicPrincessWhitney, the fleece makes for a perfect fall weather jacket but it badass enough that you'll want your toddler to wear it year round.

Unfortunately, they'll probably resent you for this in the summer months (what? It's a fleece, after all!) but the image of having your own travel sized Luigi toddling along beside you makes the ensuing tantrums easier to endure.

For $90 (+$12 shipping), you can even choose from a zip-up or pullover design.  Sure, it's a bit expensive considering that it's a coat for a toddler but the handmade craftsmanship (and Facebook jealous it will engender) make the cost all the easier to bear.

The Etsy seller has a bunch of other cool kids hoodies in her shop including an awesome bright yellow Minion fleece, a retro Donkey Kong fleece (complete with tie!), and a kid favorite Buzz Lightyear jacket... but deep down inside we both know that it's impossible to top the Luigi fleece for the pint-sized Player 2 in your life.