Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Object of geek desire: Doctor Who Blu-ray set with Sonic Screwdriver remote

One major gap in my geek cred is that I'm really not that into the new Dr. Who.  A friend turned me on to Tom Baker just before the Eccleston reboot, and the new direction of the show never really did it for me.

It does do it for millions and millions of fans across the world, so - clearly - it's doing something right, and for these fans I present this week's object of geek desire:

What you see here is perhaps the most amazing gift you can give a latter-day Whovian, the Doctor Who: Series 1-7 Limited Edition Blu-ray Giftset.

Containing 28 discs with a combined run time of a little over three days (4,837 minutes), this gift features all of the Eccleston and Tennant seasons with three of the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith) thrown in for good measure.  Also thrown in for good measure are the various David Tennant Specials episodes, an exclusive Dr. Who comic book, three art cards, and scads of bonus behind-the-scenes features.

But the real draw to the set is that it comes with an exclusive Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver universal remote control.  That's right, buy this set and you'll be able to control your TV and Blu-ray player with your very own sonic screwdriver.

Unfortunately, and as you might expect, this gift set is a bit on the stupidly expensive side.  It normally retails for $350.00, but if you pre-order it on Amazon you can pick it up for the discounted price of $315.00... but hey - just like an open Dr. Who fanfic community - the shipping's 100% free!