Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Object of geek desire: Legend of Zelda Wind Waker wall decals

2013's shaping up to be a banner year if you're one of the millions of Legend of Zelda fans around the world who love them some Wind Waker.

With the release of the Wii U HD Remake fast approaching, Nintendo's pulled out all the stops for special editions. If you pre-order from GameStop and love collectibles, you can pick up a nifty 5" Ganondorf figurine with your game. And if you really have cash to spare, you can even pick up a Zelda-themed Wii U bundle.

But these are new games and new systems. If you're happy with your GameCube version of Wind Waker and are looking for something you can slap onto your walls, don't worry - Nintendo's got you covered there, too.

This week's Object of Geek Desire is an amazing set of wall decals inspired by the HD remake of Wind Waker.  Available on Blik through an official license with Nintendo, these stunning wall decals will let anyone who walks into your bedroom, bathroom, or office (one in the same, if you're in prison!) know that you're on first name terms with the hero of time.

For $37.00 (-20% if you sign up for Blik's newsletter), you can choose from the gorgeous princess window above, a scene of Link fighting the Helmaroc King, Link holding the Wind Waker (silver and gold versions), or a close-up on the hero's bow, grappling hook, sword, or boomerang.

Ground shipping through Blik is a flat $10 for those in the continental US, which is a bit steep.  But if you order 3 of the window decals and sneak your order above $75 (clever of them to price each window at $37, eh?), you can pick up shipping for free.

Blik has some other cool, cheaper stuff available, but nothing in the $2-3 dollar range - so you'll need to buy three window decals if you want the free shipping.

Yet somehow, I don't think many of you will have a problem with that.