Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The second Game of Thrones-inspired beer is out, and it looks amazing

Most readers familiar with George R.R. Martin's fantasy world would never want to join the Night's Watch.

The hours are brutal, you life revolves around a 700' high chunk of ice, and the benefits package (Mole Town) leaves something to be desired.  But what if there was beer - really good beer - up at the wall?  That might just make the whole 'taking the black' thing make sense.

At least, that's what the good folk over at Ommegang brewery have in mind with their latest Game of Thrones-inspired beer, "Take the Black Stout".

Following the premiere Game of Thrones beer, "Iron Throne Blonde Ale", this new offering from Ommegang is a decidedly more robust beverage fitting for those who have to huddle with wildlings to keep warm in the winter.

Ommegang describes the stout as being "brewed with base caramel, chocolate and roasted barley malts" featuring spices of licorice root and star anise.  That kinda makes Take the Black Stout sound more like a witches brew than a beer, but it'll probably appeal to those who like strong beer with an earthy or coffee-flavored finish.

The beer clocks in at a modest 7% ABV, which really isn't as strong as some beverage sites are making it out to be... but it should be enough to chase off the chill of winter for a little longer. Also, the bottle for this one is pretty damn beautiful - featuring a resplendent red Weirwood Tree on an otherwise austere black and white label.

If you're eager to Take the Black Stout out for a test drive, it should be available in retailers in limited edition 750 ml bottles this week.  Like everything else Game of Thrones related, however, expect this to sell out somewhere between "fucking fast" and "really fucking fast".

Based on my success with the Iron Throne Blonde Ale, I think that Whole Foods is probably a good place to start your search - assuming your local store has a liquor section, of course.