Friday, October 11, 2013

DECO*27's new Hatsune Miku song is infectious, upbeat

Vocaloid producer DECO*27 is one of the most well known artists to make use of Hatsune Miku, creating such great songs as Lovegazer, 39Nisoku Hokou, and Aikotoba through his illustrious Vocaloid career.

He posted his first song - Boku Mitaina Kimi Kimi Mitaina Boku - five years ago this week (10/8/2008), and to commemorate the occasion he's uploaded a new song, AIKOTOBAII which is, as the title suggests, a cheerful, upbeat reprisal of the original Aikotoba.

Looking for the mp3? Click here!

All told, AIKOTOBAII isn't really a breakthrough song - but it's not intended to be.  DECO*27's been pretty quiet over the past three years - having churned out just six songs since 2011 before this one - so in a sense, AIKOTOBAII could well be his way of checking in to let fans know that he's still around and at the Vocaloid game.

Or it could be his way of letting fans know that he's going to pull a vanishing act along with the rest of Japan once Pokemon X & Y launches this weekend.  No matter what the inspiration for AIKOTOBAII was, the good news is that we all have a great new song to rock out to this weekend. we drive from store to store looking for our own retail copy of Pokemons X and Y.