Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV's housing system lets you clutter your yard, point cannons at your neighbors

Final Fantasy XIV should win an award for "best game salvaged from an ignoble but well-earned death".  After a launch fiasco three years ago (lolfatiguesystem), Square Enix dumped a ton of talent and cash into the MMO in an effort to protect the Final Fantasy brandname.

The results of this effort quickly silenced critics, and the MMO's relaunch this summer has been hailed as nothing short of a massive sucess.

Yet for all the awesome that FFXIV brought with it, a few major features were missing.  Namely, the player housing system which was popularized back in Final Fantasy XI with its Mog Houses.

This completely optional vanity system allowed players to decorate their Mog House to suit their individual sytle.  While, certainly, there were a few in-game benefits to reap from a carefully curated Mog House, the main purpose of the system was to give players a chance to express themselves.

Now, Final Fantasy XIV is getting ready to do the same thing - and, like everything else the MMO has done in the past year, it's looking pretty awesome.

Ok, so - there's no actual indoor footage (yet) but FFXI alumns will likely be blown away by the fact that you can change your house's exterior appearance and even decorate its lawn... with cannons.

Personally, I would have really liked to see some indoor footage - but those who've set foot in Vana'diel can probably guess at what they'd see - some planks, a window or two, and space for a totally bitchin' marble bed and harpsichord.  Thus, it totally makes sense for SE to show off the exterior of the houses since they're completely and totally new and ready to be cluttered.

Given Square Enix's love of thematic holiday outfits and decorations, I think it's only a matter of time before players begin NPCs to hang their Christmas Lights or sweep the leaves from their yard and onto their stinky Galka Roegadyn neighbor's property.

via MMO Culture