Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Object of geek desire: classy Pokemon engagement ring

With the release of a new Pokemon installment just days away, millions of fans from around the world are dipping deep into the wellspring of nostalgia to relive some of their most favorite Pokemon moments.

Yet as the franchise comes close to celebrating its 20th anniversary, it's natural to expect that many of the kids who grew up trying to catch 'em all are now ready to start thinking of starting families and raising kids of their own.

But what's a Pokemon fan to do if they want to tell their partner that they'd eagerly head into the tall grass for them? Why, propose with this Pokemon engagement ring of course!

This week's object of geek desire is, lamentably, not available any more as the store associated with it has been suspended (likely due to copyright violations)... but what it represented was a gorgeous, if slightly gaudy, way for one trainer to show love to another.

I ran across this ring last week when the store was still open, and there were a host of options available with settings ranging from sterling silver to white gold and prices running somewhere between $600 and $1,450.

It managed this relative affordability by its choice of stones; the Pokeball in the center consisting of Cubic Zirconium and - if I'm remembering correctly - red, synthetic topaz.  Also, the band itself is somewhat deceptive as the engagement ring only featured the string of green stones around the Pokeball and the blue stone band was sold as a companion wedding band.

So while you can't order this ring from the original artist, you can use it as a template for an open-minded jeweler to base your own wedding jewelry upon.  Better yet, you won't have to sell your copies of Emerald and Soulsilver to afford it!