Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Object of geek desire: a honkin' huge replica of Jack Skellington's house

Outside of candy corn and candy corn-flavored sodas, few things in life scream "Halloween!" the way that Nightmare Before Christmas does.

Sure, there's that whole Santa Claus storyline at the center of Jack's ennui - but everything about the film, from Tim Burton on down, makes it an instant Halloween classic that's gone on to inspire thousands of seasonal decorations and Hot Topic impulse items alike.

But this week's object of geek desire is a piece of Nightmare Before Christmas awesomeness unlike any other, and it's also the best use of $1,000 that I could possibly think of...

Coming from Etsy artist HAUNTEDCONSTRUCTION (caps lock retained from the original), this replica haunted house is as gorgeous as it is ghoulish.  Made from a combination of materials ranging from clay to wire and wood, this *ahem* A nightmare before christmas, jacks haunted house is a modularly built masterpiece of craftsmanship and design.

Although there's scant few details to be found in the all-caps description, the artist seems genuinely interested in Halloween crafting and even includes his AOL.com email address in the listing should you have any questions (all together now... d'awwww!)

Based on this picture and the wall o' text description, you can deduce that the this hand-crafted wonderhouse stands at just about four feet tall (44"), which makes it a great centerpiece for a Halloween buffet table or the star of any window display.

Unfortunately - and there's almost always an unfortunately with these - the house in question takes six weeks to construct and carriers a US shipping charge of $100.  Still, if you're a hardcore fan of Jack and Sally it's difficult to top what this nightmarish house offers.

If you're kinda sold on it but need another reason to justify its purchase price, you can rest assured that it'd also make for the most bitchin' hermit crab habitat in the history of hermit crab habitats.